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July 13th 2013 8th Tournament on the Delaware River.

Our 8th tournament of the season took place this past Saturday, the 13th of July. With the steady rain Friday night through part of Saturday morning prior to blast off, the conditions were not prime to say the least. It pretty much made the hard Delaware River, that much harder! The 9 Anglers had an outgoing tide for most of the day and the weather cooperated during the entire tournament. But still only 5 fish were caught by 4 anglers. Carl Bernhart took top honors with 2 fish for 3.75 lbs on a white spinnerbait under a barge and a small baby brush hog off a wall. Brian Hilton caught only 1 fish but it was the biggest of the day, at 2.14 lbs, for second place and lunker. Taking third place with 1 fish at 1.57 lbs was Greg Lemek. Coming in 4th place was Jack Donhauser with a largemouth at 1.51 lbs. Congrats to the winners!!!!! Next tournament, August 10th on Greenwood Lake, NY.

July 13th 2013 Delaware River Results

1 Carl Bernhart 2 3.75 100
2 Brian Hilton 1 2.14 99
3 Greg Lemek 1 1.57 98
4 Jack Donhauser 1 1.51 97
5 Cody Schwartz 0 0.00 25
5 Pete Wirchnianski 0 0.00 25

Jack Kirkpatrick

0 0.00 25
5 John Kirkpatrick 0 0.00 25
5 Terry Maloney 0 0.00 25


Delaware River Photos!

Carl Bernhart showing off two from his winning 1st place bag!

Brian Hilton showing off his one fish good for 2nd place AND Lunker!

Jack Donhauser showing off his nice fish!