Bass & Lizard

August 15th, 2015 Lake Hopatcong 9th Tournament.

Our 9th tournament of the 2015 season comes to a close. It was a warm one with nowhere to hide from that bright star. Hopatcong is a tough fishery and although there were no limits caught, we still managed to bring in 32 fish for 50.11 lbs, mostly largies. Terry Maloney, out of his sparkly red Triton fishing along the shoreline and targeting walls, dropshotting and throwing a crawfish crank, had 4 fish for 6.01 lbs. capturing 3rd place. Paul Moyer fishing on the back of Carl Bernhard's Ranger caught 4 fish for 6.55 lbs. He tricked two fish with senko's early and two with frogs in the afternoon, securing 2nd place. Grae Buck sealed the deal as the 2015 Angler of the Year winning his 4th Tournament of the Year! Grae brought to the scales a bag of 4 fish for 9.13 lbs. Grae was flipping docks and grassbeds with a Lake Fork Flipper. And hoisting the big fish of the day was Carl Bernhard with a 3.29 lb largemouth caught on top with a frog. Our next and last event of the year will be at Lake Wallenpaupack on the 26th of September. The Big Bass Pot will be up for grabs. There will be no weight limit set for this fish. The largest fish caught on this day will take home all three lunker pots!!!!! So don't miss this tournament. Hope to see you all there. May God Bless!

August 15th, 2015 Lake Hopatcong Results

1 Grae Buck 4 9.13 100
2 Paul Moyer 4 6.55 99
3 Terry Maloney 4 6.01 98
4 G.J. Agentis 3 4.94 97
5 Fran Girard 3 4.44 96
6 Carl Bernhart 2 4.26 95

Mike Longacre

2 2.99 94
8 Tyler Heidelbaugh 2 2.50 93
9 Jack Donhauser 2 2.34  92
10 Cody Schwartz 2 1.97 91
11 Pete Wirchnianski 1 1.80 90 
12 Brian Hilton 1 1.08 89 
13 John Kirkpatrick 1 1.06 88 
14 Jack Kirkpatrick 1 1.04 87 
15 Frank Shrieber 0 0.00 25
15 Rob McGrath 0 0.00 25


Jack Kirkpatrick showing off his fish!

Lake Hopatcong Photos

Grae Buck with 2 from his 1st Place bag sealing the deal as 2015 A.O.Y.!

Paul Moyer showing off 2 from his 2nd Place Bag!

Terry Maloney showing off 2 from his 3rd Place bag.

Carl Bernhart showing off his 3.29 pound Tournament Lunker!


Fran Girard showing off his fish!

G.J. Agentis with 2 Keepers from his Bag!