Bass & Lizard

June 13th, 2015 Northeast River 5th Tournament.

The fifth tournament for Peace Valley Bass Anglers finished up the River fishing for us for the year! The weather was a blistery ninety degrees with some clouds blocking the sun once in a while. Of course the nice 10 mile an hour winds gave us the much needed breeze to fish and get the bass mouths to open. 15 Anglers went out of Anchor Marina before two large tournaments and a few club tournaments. Lets say the water ways were crowded, but PVBA brought in some nice bags of nice fish to the scales for Post Spawn Patterns. A combined total of 43 fish for128.74 pounds were brought to the scales making this one of the better Peace Valley Bass Anglers Showings so far. Coming in third place was AOY Leader, Grae Buck with a five fish limit weighing 15.43 pounds. Second place went to Club President John Kirkpatrick just edging out Grae with a five fish limit weighing 15.50. Again Mike Longacre takes a first place out the back of the boat, hooking a five fish limit weighing 19.23 pounds that was anchored with a beauttful 5.05 Lunker!
We Now move on to the Lakes with a two day stop at Lake Oneida next Saturday and Sunday before our great Picnic on Oneida Shores on Friday!

June 13th, 2015 Northeast River Results

1 Mike Longacre 5 19.23 100
2 John Kirkpatrick 15.50 99
3 Grae Buck 5 15.43 98
4 Dale Bernhart 4 13.21 97
5 Carl Bernhart 4 11.58 96
6 Doug Oswald 3 9.41 95

Paul Moyer

3 8.46 94
8 G.J. Agentis 2 7.06 93
9 Tim Johnson 2 7.05  92
10 Harry Nurk 2 6.07 91
11 Jack Kirkpatrick 2 4.94 90
12 Cody Schwartz 2 4.33 89
13 Rob McGrath 2 3.75 88
14 Fran Girard 1 2.82 87
15  John Hoffman 0.00  25 

Tim Johnson showing off his 2 keepers! Jack Kirkpatrick with 2 of his Largies! 

Northeast River Photos

Mike Longacre with 2 from his 19.23lb 1st Place bag anchored with a beautiful 5.05lb Lunker!!

Doug Oswald showing off 3 from his 6th Place Bag!

John Kirkpatrick showing off 2 from his 15.50 lb 2nd Place bag.

Fran Girard showing off his Largie!


Grae Buck showing off 2 from his 3rd Place Five Fish Limit Bag!

Cody Schwartz with 2 Keepers from his Bag!


Carl Bernhart showing 2 from his 5th Place Bag!

Rob McGrath with 2 from hisBag!


G.J. Agentis showing off his fish!