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   May 3rd 2nd Tournament on Elk River.

The deluge of rain on Wednesday April 30th, discouraged half the members of Peace Valley Bass Anglers for the second tournament of the year. For the 13 MEN of the club that toughed it out and made it happen, the Elk River turned out some nice quality sized fish. With that said, 3 - 4 and a half plus pound fish were brought to the scales! Of the 9 fish caught, a total of 32.35 pounds of fish were brought in with an average fish size of 3.60 pounds apiece! Yes the water was murky, we had to dodge floating debris, but it did pay off for some of the anglers! With the passing of long time member Jack Kirkpatrick, his 15 year old Grandson Jack took to the waters with Dad John. Grandpop Jack was smiling down on his Grandson Jack as he hauled in a nice 4.52 Largemouth that was good enough for a third place check. First and Second place came out of Harry Nurk's boat as his rider Dave Carlin took second with 2 fish for 6.53 pounds. Harry Nurk was able to take first place honors with 2 fish for 8.48 pounds, anchored by the tournament Lunker at a real nice 4.60 pounds!       
Congratulations to the Winners!
Hope to see you all on the Potomac River on May 17th and 18th.

   May 3rd 2014 Elk River Results

1 Harry Nurk 2 8.48 100
2 Dave Carlin 2 6.53 99
3 Jack Kirkpatrick 1 4.52 98
4 Fran Girard 1 3.89 97
5 Carl Bernhart 1 3.51 96
6 Grae Buck 1 3.10 95

Paul Moyer

1 2.32 94
8        Cody Schwartz 00.0025
9 John Kirkpatrick00.0025
10        Pete Wirchnianski00.0025
11Jack Donhauser00.0025
12Kevin Crawford00.0025
13Steve McIlvaine00.0025



 Fran with his nice Fish!

 Paul Moyer with his fish... What can we say about this??


 Carl showing off his nice Largie!

 Another reason that its all about! Awesome Sunrises on the Elk River!

Elk River Photos!

Harry Nurk showing off a NICE Fish from his winning 1st place bag and Tournament Lunker!

Dave Carlin with his 2 fish for a second place finish!

Jack Kirkpatrick Showing off his Big Fish in his first club tournament!

Grae Buck Showing us his nice Largie!