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June 7th, 2014 Northeast River 5th Tournament.

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And speaking of the Northeast, our 5th Tournament of the year was on the Northeast River in Maryland and "The Heat was on"! The Cuts at the Northeast were pretty happening on Saturday June 7th, 2014. Most of the 14 Anglers brought fish to the scales which also was a huge plus with 2 anglers each bringing in a 5 plus pound fish! G.J. Agentis had his 5.01 pound fish bested by Non-Boater Happy Jack Donhausers 5.98 pounder. He lost a quarter of a pound with his dead lunker due to a faulty aerator, but his fish still sealed the deal for a Lunker and a 3rd Place Paycheck. His total weight of 2 fish came in at a 9.57 pound weight. Second place was sealed by another Non-Boater Tyler Heidelbaugh fishing out the back of Grae Bucks boat. Tyler weighed in 4 fish for 10.48 pounds. Harry Nurk took the 1st Place paycheck with a 5 fish limit weighing in with a comfortable 18.36 pound sack! Congratulations to all fishermen.
We now have a few weeks off before our 2 day Tournament on the bountiful Lake Oneida on June 20th and 21st! I also hear another great Barbecue of Ribs and Chicken is in the Works!?!? See you all up there on Friday June 19th! Thank You, Cody

June 7, 2014 Northeast River Results

1 Harry Nurk 5 18.36 100
2 Tyler Heidelbaugh 4 10.48 99
3 Jack Donhauser 2 9.57 98
4 Dave Carlin 3 6.80 97
5 Dale Bernhart 2 6.41 96
6 Grae Buck 2 6.09 95

Carl Bernhart

3 5.97 94
8 Paul Moyer 2 5.09 93
9 G.J. Agentis 1 5.01 92
10 Dean Meyer 2 4.93 91
11 Fran Girard 2 4.70 90
12 John Kirkpatrick 0 0.00 25
12 Jack Kirkpatrick 0 0.00 25
12 Jess Buss 0 0.00 25

G.J. Agentis with a real nice 5.01 pounder!

Northeast River Photos

Harry Nurk with 2 of his 5 fish limit 1st place finish!


Tyler Heidelbaugh Showing off 2 nice Largies!

Happy Jack showing off his 2 fish that netted him Lunker and a 3rd Place finish!

Carl Bernhart showing off 2 from his bag to keep ahead in the A.O.Y. Race!


Dale Bernhart with 2 nice fish from his Bag!


Grae Buck with 2 Fish from his Bag!


Fran Girard showing off his fish from his Bag!