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September 26th, 2015 Lake Wallenpaupack 10th Tournament.

Our 10th and Final Regular Season Tournament of the 2015 season was held at Lake Wallenpaupack. With the cooler evenings and the shorter days and as hard as it is to say, the 2015 Fishing season comes to a close. It was a nice early fall day on the lake, the leaves just beginning to change hues, a tiny bit of breeze with a bit of chop on the water, but a great day to go fishing. Pete Wirchnianski took his second third place finish in a row bringing to the scales a five fish limit weighing 8.33 pounds. Not a single one of Pete's fish came on his number one go to lure a black Senko. Pete managed to entice all his fish in on a Green Pumpkin Baby Brush Hawg! John Kirkpatrick reported to the ramp a week early to prefish and went out and found some new hot spots. John came in with a 5 fish limit weighing in at 10.14 to take 2nd place. A lot of money was on the line today. With that said, only 3 Limits were brought in to the scales for weigh in. Kevin Crawford, without a limit, managed a real nice bag of only 3 fish for a whopping 10.58 pounds. His winning bag also included the Tournament Lunker a real nice 5.45 pounder. Kevin managed a real nice payday with the first place finish, tournament lunker, side lunker pot and the Big Bass Pot.
Grae Buck finished up as the 2015 Angler of the Year amassing 877 points which included 4 tournament wins. Graes dropped tournaments brought him to a total of 790 points.
Mike Longacre took 2nd in the AOY race amassing 898 in points and with his dropped points he came in at 782.
Dale Bernhart. sealed the deal at Wallenpaupack only needing to catch a fish for his 3rd place finish in the standings. Dales 3 fish gave him a total of 775 points.
Our next Tournament will be the PVBA Classic Team Tournament on Lake Cayuga on October 17th and 18th.
Hope to see you all there. May God Bless!

September 26th, 2015 Lake Wallenpaupack Results

1 Kevin Crawford 3 10.58 100
2 John Kirkpatrick 10.14 99
3 Pete Wirchnianski 5 8.33 98
4 Charles Peart 5 6.36 97
5 Dale Bernhart 3 3.99 96
6 Cody Schwartz 1 2.97 95

Fran Girad

2 2.87 94
8 G.J. Agentis 2 2.17 93
9 Jack Kirkpatrick 2 1.76  92
10 Chris Knaup 1 1.37 91
11 John Hoffman 1 1.34 90
12 Steve McIlvaine 1 1.05 89
13 Tim Johnson 1 0.88 88
14 Grae Buck 1 0.81 87
15 Carl Bernhart 1 0.74 86
16 Jack Donhauser 0 0.00 25
16 Greg Lemek 0 0.00 25
16 MikeLongacre 0 0.00 25
16 Paul Moyer 0 0.00 25
16 Frank Scheiber 0 0.00 25
16 Harold Stephens 0 0.00 25
16 Frank Wakefield 0 0.00 25

Grae Buck and Mike Longacre showing off the fish they caught! Mike holding his closer to the camera to make it look bigger! Congrats to Grae as Angler of the Year! 2nd goes to Mike Longacre!




Lake Wallenpaupack Photos

Kevin Crawford with 2 from his 1st Place bag anchored with a beautiful 5.45lb Lunker!!

John Kirkpatrick showing off 2 from his 2nd Place Bag!

Pete Wirchnianski showing off 2 from his 3rd Place bag.

Dale Bernhart showing off his Largie and Smallie that solidified his 3rd Place in the Angler of the Year Race!


Cody Schwartz showing off his 2.97 Smallie good for 6th!

Fran Girard with 2 Keepers from his 7th Place Bag!


Steve McIlvaine showing off his  Smallie!

Tim Johnson showing off a Fish from his bag.


Carl Bernhart showing off his  Barely Legal Smallie!